Soil and Water conservation /NRM

          Soil is one of the most fundamental and basic resources. Soil is a vital resource that provides food, feed, fuel and fiber. It supports food security and environmental quality, which are essential to human existence. Necessity of soil to human well being is often not realized until the production of food drops or it is jeopardized when the soil is severely eroded or degraded to the level that it loses its inherent resilience.
          Similarly, water is a crucial input required to enhance agricultural production. Water scarcity crisis can be a serious problem with the anticipated global warming and climate change. As most of the small farmers living in arid and semi-arid regions are deprived of irrigation facilities, promotion of watershed development and sustainable use of available water resources can ensure the improvement in the crop yields. In the absence of efficient rainwater, harvesting and adequate water conservation measures are likely to be a serious bottleneck in the future.
          Considering the need of the hour, SJSM has given major attention to soil and water conservation measurement. There are various methods to tap the available water resources and use for sustainable agriculture, such as watershed development including catchment area treatment, afforestation drive on wastelands to promote soil and water conservation, conservation and efficient use of water through drip and sprinkler irrigation replacing age old flood irrigation method, green manuring, mulching and organic farming. Selection of these various methods can also facilitate efficient water use, especially in those areas where the rainfall is low and erratic, where tree crops are not desirable and thus, intensive rain-fed farming can be undertaken to make the best use of the available water, particularly during a rainy season. 
          SJSM has various ongoing soil and water conservation projects. These projects have helped to improve soil and water conservation in more than twenty   thousand hector area and benefited more than fifteen thousand families.
Sr.No Activity Beneficiery Donar
Watershade development Goshatwadi Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara
9 Villages, 4250 H land treatment CSR Fund.
Indian Tobaco Corporation Ltd. (ITCL)
Watershade development Dhebewadi, Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara
9 Villages, 4772 H land treatment
CSR (ITCL) & Govt. of Mah. (Vasundhara)
Watershade development Dhebewadi, Tal. Patan, Dist. Satara
5 Villages, 3337 H land treatment
Govt. of Maharashtra (Vasundhara)
Watershade development Mhasala Dist. Raigad
9 Villages, 4396 H land treatment
Govt. of Maharashtra (Vasundhara)
Watershade Development Prog. In Man
5 villages, 5335H
CSR Fund, Bajaj Auto, Pune