Received Avords

1. ‘Rajivshet Sable Award’ of the Year 2000 for its rural development work.

2.‘Sarada Equal Opportunities Award’ of the Year 2000” for an outstanding contribution towards the empowerment of life of women and backward classes.

3. ‘VasantraoNaik Common Award’ of the Year 2001 for its outstanding work in agriculture and rural development.

4. Government of Maharashtra’s first number ‘Vanshree Award’ of the Year 2000 for the work done in the field of afforestation.

5.‘Shikshan Yogi Puraskar’ from Pujya Mama Kshirsagar Shaikshanik Pratishthan in 2002.

6. Mahadev Balwant Natu Award’ for outstanding work in rural development in 2003.(2003)

7. Shri G. M. VIDHAYAK KRITISHILATA PURSKAR from ‘Manus Pratishthan’, Pune.

8. ‘Mrutun jaykar Shivajirao Sawant Social Award’ from Mrutiunyay Pratishthan’, Pune.

9. Mahatma PhuleSamtaPurskar – Andori.

10. ‘Best Innovation for the thematic area of livelihood Award’- UMED-‘Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission’ 2013-14- Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, Government of Maharashtra.

11. ‘Biotechnology Social Development Award 2015’ from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Promotion & Network

The field of development is vast and never-ending and hence, there is an ever increasing need to involve more and more people in this work. It is also our philosophy that instead of getting totally immersed in running the activities, work should be aligned towards transferring the responsibilities to beneficiaries themselves by building their capacities to manageby sensitizing them around the development issues. This would enable us to expand our work by involving more and more people in the change process. Keeping with this philosophy, SJSM has promoted 11 voluntary organisations in the districts of Satara and Raigadand created a network of like-minded individuals committed to rural development since 1980.