Health and Education

Health & Education

Currently SJSM is focusing more on skill development training programs for youths of rural areas. These trainings are basically need based as per requirement from the community. Trainings like tailoring, fashion, beauty, computer skills, hospitality, agro business, etc are imparted to the interested people.


Considering the work area of SJSM and the period in which SJSM has started development work, there were no health facilities present in remote villages of Koyna region. There were the “traditional vaidus “ in each villages who have knowledge of herbs and through these they treat people. SJSM took efforts to document this knowledge of local vaidus and give them some scientific knowledge. But now this area has come into mainstream and next generation is not willing to continue this profession ahead , SJSM had to conclude its traditional health project in 2000.

Reproductive and child health

SJSM implemented the Reproductive and Child health (RCH) programme in Koyna Region as well worked as mother NGO (m-NGO) for RCH project in Satara district. The activities like organising maternal health check-up camps, child health check-up camps, trainings for Adolescents, awareness camps for family planning and use of contraceptive etc. were carried out under this project. Currently SJSM is planning to work in the area of women and adolescent health.