Staff Details

Mr. Mohan Kharade

Mr. Mohan Kharade is been associated with SJSM since 1986; he initially joined as an Office Administrator and Accountant. Since 1993, Mr. Kharade has been working with cooperative societies, fishery and fair prize shop. He then became the CEO of the organization. Mr. Kharade is an expert administrator as well as skillfulat dealing with government officials.

Mr. Leeladhar Kolekar

Mr. Leeladhar Kolekar started working at SJSM since 2003. He works with the Cooperatives that SJSM has helped to establish. Mr. Leeladhar Kolekarhas been experimenting with various methods to support SJSM’s livelihood promotion programs. Mr. Leeladhar Kolekar has been working as District Coordinator of Tata Trust’s Gaon Chalo project, where in SJSM is involved marketing Tata Tea in the project area.

Dr. Girish N. Badave (M. Sc. Ph. D. Botany)

Dr. Girish N. Badave is a Botanist by training and was the Principal of Agriculture Technical School. He is been with SJSM since 1997. He brings in an expertise in the field of biodiversity documentation, conservation, forest based livelihoods including traditional system of medicine, community awareness and education, establishment and management of community based herbal pharmacy, rural product marketing. Dr. Badave is skilled at report writing, presentation, project management as well as sourcing research grants and funding.

Mrs. Kalpana Kalamkar

Mrs. Kalpana Kalamkar has been working at SJSM for the last 32 years. Her strength lies in women development projects. She has been workingwith grass root level and mobilizing women for development by forming Mahila Mandals and Self-Help Groups. Ms. Kalamkar has successfully demonstrated several income generation activities throughthe products produced from locally available foodstuff and fruits like Nachani Papad and Satva. Being one of the founder members of industrial cooperative, Mrs. Kalamkar is currently responsible for women empowerment programs at SJSM.

Ms. Chayya Shinde

Ms. Chayya Shinde been associated with SJSM for the past 22 years. She has vast experience in accounting and general administration of the organization. Ms. Chayya Shinde is currently the Chief Accountant at SJSM.

Mr. Satish Desai

Mr. Desai is been associated with SJSM since 1985. He brings in his vast knowledge and training in cane and bamboo manufacturing to SJSM. Mr. Desai currently coordinates agricultural as well as watershed development projects at SJSM.

Mr. Ramchandra Mane

Mr. Mane has been working as Social Worker since 2002. He has experience in community mobilization, watershed development, Self-Help Groups and farmers groups.He is an experienced trainer and specializes in capacity building of the local community. Mr. Mane is currently coordinates thewatershed development project and Livelihood project, which are supported by ITC.