Impact of Soil Moisture Conservation work and promotion of Micro irrigation practices in Bajaj Water Conservation Project

          Mr. Nanaso Jayappa Narale is one of the beneficiary farmers of Bajaj water conservation project from village Paryanti. He has 5 H of land and a well of 46 ft. depth for irrigation. He was experimental and hardworking farmer.  But due to the insufficiency in irrigation water and money he was unable to executive his ideas. So he was quite displeased and thinking to search the job in Mhasawad for supportive  income.

          In October 2017, Shramjivi Janata Sahayyak Mandal (SJSM) – A Satara based NGO initiated the Bajaj Water Conservation Project (BWCP) in the drought prone area of Man block of Satara district covering village Paryanti. Since beginning the activities like awareness generation and capacity building along with the soil and water conservation treatments like deep SCT, Gabian structures, loose boulder structures, Nala deepening and widening, Desilting of ENB etc. are carried out to reduce the soil erosion and to increase the water table of the area. Mr. Nana found the impact in the next years post monsoon months by observing the increased water level in his well. Since generations Mr. Nana and his family were facing the problem of water shortage so he was quite happy. As he was well aware about the importance of water started thinking on sustainable and controlled use of water for irrigation so that he could cultivate the entire field throughout the year. He was thinking for drip irrigation. But he had just observed the micro-irrigation systems (MIS) in exhibitions and shops and was not that much aware and also was not in a position to purchase it.

          In the meantime Mr. Nana got opportunity to know more about the drip irrigation in training programmes on MIS organized under the Agriculture development component of the BWCP. He participated in the training and clarified the doubts and queries regarding the drip irrigation. Also he came to know about the 50 % subsidized scheme under BWCP for drip irrigation system. Immediately he applied for the scheme in Village Development Committee (VDC) of village Paryanti. Fortunately his application was prioritized by the VDC. He shared Rs. 15,000 /- as a 50 % contribution for the scheme and established the scheme on his 1 acre field area with the guidance from SJSM agriculture experts.

          He was very much impressed with the drip irrigation system as it had a positive effect on crop production with regard to water saving, fertilizer saving and reducing weed competition. Within a year he again purchased and cover more than 50 % of his total field under drip irrigation system. Now he is trying diversified agricultural crops including vegetables, cash crops, fodder crops and horticulture plants with vegetables as intercrops. Not only the regular crops but also he had successfully cultivated innovative crops of muskmelon (Tarbuj) with the guidance of SJSM agricultural experts. With these resources and experiments he also credited the scheme of sericulture from Government departments and planted silkworm mulberry. Due to availability of sufficient water & MIS facilities for water savings through BWCP he has established household goatry and animal husbandry unit including 8 goats, 1 local cow and 3 buffalos respectively. He has cultivated various fodder crops and grasses too. With all above agriculture and allied activities he had earned about Rs. 2,00,000/- as a aggregate annual income. 

         Thus, the BWCP has provided the opportunities to the rural farmers to execute the new ideas for developing the agriculture based sustainable livelihood models. 

Mr. Nana Narale’s diversified Agriculture field with drip irrigation
Mr. Nana Narale with his well
Cultivation of muskmelon
Mr. Nana’s father with silkworm mulberry cultivation and Sericulture unit

The list of crops cultivated by Mr. Nana

Sr. No. Type of Crop List of crops
Oil crops
Ground nut
Jowar, Bajara, Maize
Vegetables (2 Hectors)
Cluster bean, Beans, bitter gourd, Tomato, brinjal, leafy vegetables, Chilly (Var. Jwala), Capsicum etc.
Horticulture plants (1 Acre)
Innovative crop (1 Acre)
Musk melon (Tarbuj)
Fodder crops (20 Guntha)
Types of grasses
Crop for sericulture ( 1 Acre)
Silkworm mulberry (Tuti)