Natural Resource Based Sustainable Livehood

         SJSM initiated the development work in the backwater region of Koyna catchment area, in Patan block of Satara dist. in Maharashtra. The Koyna area lies in the Western Ghats region of Maharashtra.  The socioeconomic development of the area get affected due to construction of Koyna Dam (1962), followed by the grave incidence of massive earthquake (1967), declaration of sanctuary (1980) & Tiger reserve area (2012). The villages are far- flung due to hilly region and are totally cut off from the surrounding world and people were lacking the basic facilities of education, transportation, communication, health etc. The communities living in the area are mainly shepherds, cowherds and few are neo-buddhists with the traditional occupation of monsoon dependent agriculture, wage labour and cattle rearing. 

          The families are mostly marginal and owned very less & fragmented lands due to hilly regions. The traditional crops cultivated are Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Ragi / finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.), Vari / fox millet (Panicum miliaceum L) and some vegetable crops grown at convenient locations. Due to lack of appropriate agriculture technologies the traditional agriculture practices are followed which result into the low production which is not sufficient even for their annual consumption. To get aggregate annual income the agriculture allied activities like animal husbandry and local level sale of NTFPs are followed. The income derived from all such livelihood activities is very low which is not sufficient to meet the family needs. So to get aggregate annual income the male from the family is migrated in search of livelihood in nearby towns and cities. To reduce the migration from area SJSM made efforts for providing natural resource based sustainable livelihood. 

Sustainable Agriculture

Promotion of Dairy Co-operatives

Medicinal Plants Processing

Food & Fruit Processing

Inland Fishery

Cane &Bamboo Craft Making