List of program completed

Year & DurationName of the DonorNature of DonorAmountPurpose of Fund
Sept. 2003 to Aug. 2005Swiss-aid,Foreign fundingUS $ 69,326 (Rs.31,89,000)Promotion of Koyna Herbal. &Agriculture products, Satara district of Maharashtra State.
September 2005 to August 2007Swiss-aid,Foreign fundingUS $ 64,736 (Rs.29,77,875)Koyna Rural Product Marketing services
:Satara district of Maharashtra State.
August 2005 to April 2006CAA, AustraliaForeign fundingUS $ 50,978 (Rs.23,45,000)Flood Relief Operation under disaster management. Short term & Long term rehabilitation for the tribal families affected by flood
April 2004 to June 2007Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of IndiaIndian FundingUS $ 36,065 (Rs.16,59,000)Medicinal plants programme for health and livelihood security of Scheduled Tribe communities in selected villages of Satara District, Maharashtra State.
April 2002 to March 2007Z.P. Satara, Govt. Of MaharashtraIndian FundingUS $ 6,52,174 (Rs.3,00,00,000)Drought Prone Area Programme.
Satara district of Maharashtra State.
August 2005 to July 2008NRHM, Govt. Of MaharashtraIndian FundingUS $ 97,826 (Rs.45,00,000)Mother NGO for Reproductive and Child Health in Satara District of Maharashtra State.
April 2005 to March 2009NABARDIndian FundingRs.9,00,000Promotion and Linkage of SHG’s to NGOs –
Satara district of Maharashtra State.
Sep. 06 to Aug 09Ford foundation
Foreign funding
Rs 1,89,00,090Tribal development and Livelihood project Mahad&Poladpur (Idst. Raigad)
Dec. 06 to Nov 08OCAA
Foreign funding
Rs.18,80,660Tribal development and Livelihood project Mahad&Poladpur (Idst. Raigad)
Sept 2007 to Aug 09Swissaid,
Foreign funding
Rs. 25,72,500Gender and Agriculture development. Koyna
2006 to 07Govt. Of MaharashtraIndian FundingRs.3,57,000Village Energy Security Project
2007-2008KhadiVillage Industries Commission, Govt. Of MaharashtraIndian FundingRs.2,35,000In-house Test Laboratory for Herbal Products
2008  – 11TDH,GermanyForeign fundingRs. 26,30,000Tribal Children Education
2007-2009OCAA, AustraliaIndian FundingRs.21,33,470Disaster Programme Mahad (Raigad Dist.)
2008-09NABARDIndian FundingRs.3,58,000Indo German Watershed Development
Oct. 2007 to Dec. 2012GSDA, Pune – Word Bank Assistance, under Government of Maharashtra.Indian Funding
Rs. 31,87,500
Consultancy Services for community mobilization for piloting user centered aquifer level groundwater management – Khatav Block, Dist. Satara
Nov. 2008 to Oct. 2011NABARD, PuneIndian FundingRs. 1,52,00,000Indo German Watershed Development Programme – Block Man, Dist. Satara.
2009 to 2011Swiss-aid -Switzerland.Foreign fundingRs. 15,53,000Strengthening the capacity of people’s institutions for promotion of gender equality and sustainable agriculture.
Sep. 2009 to August 2012Ford Foundation,Foreign fundingRs. 148,80,000
($ 310,000.00)
Promoting diversified and sustainable livelihood opportunities for a tribal community affected by natural calamity in the coastal region of Western India (Phase 2)
July 2009 to June 2010Oxfam IndiaForeign fundingRs. 14,99,620Empowering KatkariTribals of Konkan for rights and livelihoods (Phase I)
July 2010 to June 2011Oxfam India,Foreign fundingRs. 15, 15, 200Empowering KatkariTribals of Konkan for rights and livelihoods (Phase II)
2011 to 2012Swiss-aid -Switzerland.Foreign fundingRs. 18,81,500Strengthening the PIs for promotion of gender equality &sustainable agriculture.
July 2012 to June 2013Oxfam India,Foreign fundingRs. 10, 47,500Empowering KatkariTribals of Konkan for rights and livelihoods (Phase Iv)
Feb 12 Jul 2013Sir DorabajiTata Trust, MumbaiIndian FundingRs. 12,00,000Agricultural Innovations in Maharashtra, Block. Patan, Dist. Satara
July 2012 to July 2017Vasundhara, New Delhi, Govt. Of IndiaIndian FundingRs.4,87,50,000Integrated Watershed Management Programme in Satara Block,
Feb 2013 to Feb 2018Vasundhara, Govt. Of India and Indian Tobacco Corporation, (ITC)  KolkataIndian FundingRs.9,06, 87,000ntegrated Watershed Management Programme in Patan Block, Dist. Satara
July 2013 to July 2018Vasundhara, New Delhi, Govt. Of IndiaIndian FundingRs. 6,21, 00,000Integrated Watershed Management Programme in Mhasala Block, Dist. Raigad.
Jan 2013 to Mar 2013Indian Tobacco Corporation Ltd. KolkataForeign fundingRs. 30,21,000SunehraKal Soil Moisture Conservation and Water Harvesting Structures Project, Block. Khatav, Dist. Satara
Sep 2013 to Aug 2016Govt. of India, , Department of Biotechnology, New DelhiIndian FundingRs. 34,41,500Propagation of Cultural-based-Capture Fisheries in selected reservoirs of Konkan and Western Ghat regions of Maharashtra
2014 – 2018 (3 Years)DST, Govt. Of IndiaIndian FundingRs. 44,98,210Rural Women Technology Park in Patan block of Satara district in Maharashtra.
2014-15ITC, KolkataIndian Funding
Rs. 1,07,79,574
Watershed development in Satara district, Maharashtra.
2017-2021Bajaj AutoIndian (CSR) funding
Rs. 11,85,00,000
Bajaj Water Conservation  Project
2016-17Government and people of JapanForeign fundingRs. 50,13,357The project for construction of training &activity center for rural communities
2018Talent Education Stiftung International (TESI), GermanyForeign funding
Rs. 98369
Training equipments for beauty parlour and stitching.
2018-19Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM)Indian funding (Govt. Of Maharashtra)
Rs. 36,02,350
Implementation of Community based Inland Fisheries Programme
2017-19Asia initiatives (AI)
Foreign fundingRs. 24,90,842Social capital credits (soccs) tribal development project, Mahad
2019Maharashtra Foundation (MF)Foreign fundingRs. 10,99,402To empower the Katakari Tribal population to be active participants in the protection of their environment, while promoting responsible utilization of natural resources in order to elevate their own livelihoods.
ITC, Kolkata
Indian (CSR) funding, ITC.
Rs. 39,47,000
Integrated command area development (WRD, GOM and ITC)