Gender Sensitization women empowerment

           Regardless of their right in decision making and ownership on livelihood resources women have to work hard in the livelihood activities. To reduce the drudgery& to give equal opportunity to the women, SJSM initiated the work on women empowerment in 1985. Initially the strategies like formation of women groups (Mahila mandals), organization of awareness camps & cultural programmes, training on leadership development etc. were followed to organize the women. The activities like follow up for Government schemes like construction of road, drinking water, electricity in the villages, construction of village meeting hall etc. and other social activities like prevention of alcohol consumption, exterminate the superstition & blind faiths etc. was implemented through women groups.

             To initiate the practice of savings among the women and to empower through the informal trainings about 100 women Self Help Groups (SHGs) comprising average 15 women in each SHG were promoted in the area. To bring the sustainability in the activity “Shramjivi Women Industrial Co-operative” having 2870 women members has been registered. To reduce the hard work in agriculture and allied activities the technological inputs in food processing, fruit processing, value addition, Organic manure and pesticide preparation, Vermin composting, kitchen gardening, Animal husbandry and dairy technology, nursery etc. were provided through the ‘Women Technology Park’ of SEED division, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.  The trainings like stitching (needlework), beauty parlour, household poultry etc. also provided as per demand from women.