Due to remoteness basic education facilities were rare in the valley. The need was observed and a campaign started to create awareness in far flung villages nestled in the forest. Consistent efforts of Shramjivi were recognized by the Govt. & initiated primary schools in  villages of Koyna region.


It was observed that majority of students unable to take further education because of unavailability of residential facilities in the towns where there was secondary or higher secondary schools. So, in 1997 SJSM established a well equipped residential school (Ashram Shala) at Patan along with Sahyadri Gram Vikas Sanstha.


In the recent years the villages in the back water region are rehabilitated in the outside area as well as there is good coverage of the secondary and higher secondary education and there is good awareness among the people, SJSM shifted the attention towards professional courses related to  agriculture and allied activities. To rekindle interest of rural youths in agriculture and allied activities as well as to develop a cadre of technicians for the programmes, to develop entrepreneurship among the rural youths and extension of related technologies at grass root level SJSM promoted ‘Diploma course in Agriculture polytechnic school’  affiliated to Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri. Along with the theory the emphasis was given on the practical trainings, apprenticeship in the SJSM’s livelihood programmes and extension of technologies at grass root level.